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We Don't Want To See People Repeating A Method Set For Failure.

Aware Each City Is Different.


We Are Providing Resources, Because We Are Tired Of Seeing People, Friends, Neighbours and Family Suffering, Due To Lack Of Knowledge On Earth and Space Motion or Due To Not Taking The Steps To Focus On Prevention.


Would You Say, Modern Housing Factor These Lifestyles



$6 Billion Being Wasted in America Spare Bedrooms.
9.4% More Bedrooms.

In 2016, CNBC reported that there are over 9.4% more bedrooms un the U.S. than people.

357 Million Bedrooms, but only 323.4 Million People.

That leaves at least 33.6 Million Spare Rooms.

The basics in living typically refer to fundamental necessities and principles essential for a healthy, stable, and fulfilling life.
These basics encompass physical, emotional, and social aspects that form the foundation of well-being and happiness.
Here are the primary components:


1. Physical Needs

   - Food : Access to sufficient, nutritious food to maintain health and energy.
   - Water : Clean and safe drinking water for hydration and hygiene.

   - Shelter : A safe and stable place to live, providing protection from the elements.

   - Clothing : Appropriate clothing to protect from the weather and ensure comfort.

   - Health Care : Access to medical care, including preventive care, treatment, and emergency services.

   - Sleep : Adequate rest and sleep to maintain physical and mental health.


2. Emotional and Mental Well-being

   - Security and Safety : Feeling safe and secure in one's environment, free from threats and harm.

   - Love and Belonging : Relationships with family, friends, and community that provide emotional support, companionship, and a sense of belonging.

   - Self-esteem : A positive self-image and sense of worth, fostered through achievements, recognition, and personal growth.

   - Purpose and Meaning : Engagement in activities that provide a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and meaning in life.

   - Mental Health : Access to mental health resources and practices that support emotional stability and psychological well-being.


3. Social Needs

   - Community : Being part of a supportive and cohesive community that provides social interaction, shared values, and collective support.

   - Education : Access to education and opportunities for learning and personal development.

   - Employment : Meaningful work or activities that provide financial stability, purpose, and structure.

   - Recreation : Opportunities for leisure, hobbies, and activities that bring joy and relaxation.


4. Environmental Needs

   - Clean Environment : Living in an environment free from pollution and hazards, with access to green spaces and nature.

   - Sustainable Resources : Access to resources that are managed sustainably, ensuring long-term availability and environmental health.


5. Rights and Freedoms

   - Equality and Justice : Access to fair treatment, protection of rights, and opportunities regardless of background or identity.

   - Freedom of Expression : The ability to express oneself freely and pursue one's interests and beliefs.


These basics form the foundation for a stable, healthy, and satisfying life, enabling individuals to thrive and reach their full potential.
Ensuring these fundamental needs are met is crucial for personal well-being and societal harmony.


If We Continue To Increase the Cost Of Living, Our Society Will Move Into "You Will Own Nothing and Be Happy"


When Home Is A Not Home, But A Businesses       
and Your Property Is Not Your Property                        

Increasing The Price Of LIVING
Imagine Not Growing Beyond The Basics