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How Do You Picture Housing Revamping?

What Should Housing Educate On?

How Would You Benefit and Experience Life From Free Housing?

What Do You Feel Housing Connects To?

Do You Know Anyone Who Is In Search Of Enhancing Their Growth?

What Questions Do People Have For The Public, Or On Guidelines?



The information you have recieved from those who buillt the property, you have purchased your house from or are renting from.

This will defend your property in court and law in proof of housing.

If you do not have proof of home,

In example, you just bacame 18, are getting rehabilitated or are homeless, and you want to get started on finding and having a home.

Sign the Free Housing Petition, it shows proof that people are wanting to transition the way earth looks at home and the families in it.

Transitioning to a Home that is in the Open House.

Property Document

What is loved so much about this lifestyle and its site, is that it makes it convenient, quick and transformative by each person.

Getting a clear understanding of people's state of mind and progressive development for better living.


Finding that you alone can make a difference and as more individuals come, you will see the milestones take shape.

Creating a shift of homes no longer costing a lifetime or impacting the lives of those who find home a necessity,
not a luxury. 


When this approach first appeared in 2016, it was found that many issues cross paths.

Stretching what we could in 3 Major Focuses : Food, Money and Death.

This soon became a case of 277 Focuses, then on January 31st, 2021 to 1,350 Focuses and now 1,500 Focuses.


What can be said about the current date of Friday, April 1st, 2023 is that, not many more focuses will be added.

This is because, our finding have found, many focuses link with mutliple cases, going hand and hand and causing them to record multiple issues at once and for every one focus there are anywhere from thousands to millions to billions affected, such within a focus such as Food. 


That's why we continue taking a role in Free Housing. 

which have been discussed on

The Restaurant  Cure To Hunger, TOALONGFROM, CENENCE and THE PENNY SCALE.


Housing, impacting lives all the world, calls to recognize the Free Housing Act and Housing Education.



- Signature Milestones

- Natural Resources

- Materials Known The Destruct In Natural Events

- Harsh, Chemical and Deadly Developments

- Natural Movements Found Cycling The Earth

- The Dangers Of Neglecting Predictive Planning

- Human Conflict To Our Current Society

- Innovations To Damage-Proof Building



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