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Housing Education


419 | Explores Extreme Weather


Hazards | What To Do? What Not To Do?


Extreme Weather | Natural Events

Educates A Non-Fearful, Balance To Survive and Being Of Living,
To Understanding Our Weather and Nature, In The Followin Ways :


* Seasons To Appear

* Predictive Planning

* Environment 

* Reviewing Records

* Category 1 to Category 10

* Affects of Not Taking Action in Preventative Proof  Housing and Preparedness

* "Every Action Has A Reaction"

* Prevention and Solution


Out-Limiting Records | Record High | For Housing Standards To Meet The Environment

Extreme Weather Proof

Guest Speakers | Inventors / Home Builders / Area Safety

Innovation ( Breakthroughs and Cures )

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in transition for The Free Housing Act to become reality.
where people’s current homes are free, as with the essential everyday home. 
in our ongoing continued work to take
Housing To The Next Level,
welcomes us Focusing
Housing Education, Housing Code and Housing Innovation.

opening doors for homes to be stronger, more innovative and withstand natural events.

in coincide of,
opening relief for the 1,500 focuses currently being overseen.


currently hiring in construction, engineering and architecture for housing worldwide.

we are now testing out our marterials developed by our third paries,
as well,
informing the services we provide for home development and lifestyle fit.

in the areas of

Tools, Labor and Environment

Hazards and Prevention
Natural Events and Eaeth By Rotation
Public interest, Cross Figure and Ground Zero
Solutions and Services
Housing History





What Are ALL The Ways Free Housing Would Change People's Life / Lives?


Implementing free housing would bring about significant changes in people's lives :

1. Financial Relief : Free housing would eliminate the burden of paying rent or mortgage payments, providing significant financial relief to individuals and families.

2. Reduced Poverty : Access to free housing could lift many individuals and families out of poverty by freeing up funds for other necessities such as food, healthcare, and education.

3. Improved Mental Health : Stable housing reduces stress and anxiety associated with housing insecurity, leading to improved mental health outcomes for individuals and families.

4. Better Physical Health : With secure housing, individuals have better access to healthcare services and are more likely to maintain healthier lifestyles, leading to improved physical health outcomes.

5. Increased Educational Opportunities : Children from families with stable housing are more likely to succeed in school, as they have a stable environment conducive to learning.

6. Greater Economic Mobility : Free housing can act as a stepping stone for individuals and families to pursue better job opportunities and economic mobility without the constraint of high housing costs.

7. Community Stability : Stable housing fosters stronger communities by reducing homelessness and transience, allowing individuals to build long-term connections and contribute positively to their neighborhoods.

8. Entrepreneurship and Innovation : With reduced financial burdens, individuals may have more resources to invest in entrepreneurial endeavors or pursue innovative projects, fostering economic growth and creativity.

9. Reduced Crime Rates : Stable housing reduces the likelihood of individuals resorting to criminal activities to meet their basic needs, contributing to lower crime rates and safer communities.

10. Social Equity : Providing free housing promotes social equity by ensuring that everyone has access to a basic human need, regardless of their socioeconomic status, race, or background.

Why / What Are ALL The Reasons People Cannot Afford A House / Home In Current Times / 2024?

There are several reasons why people may struggle to afford a house in current time :

1. Rising Housing Prices : Housing prices have been increasing steadily, making it difficult for many people to afford a down payment or qualify for a mortgage.

2. Stagnant Wages : Despite increases in the cost of living, wages have not kept pace, making it challenging for individuals to save for a down payment or afford monthly mortgage payments.

3. High Debt Levels : Many individuals carry significant debt, such as student loans or credit card debt, which can hinder their ability to save for a down payment or qualify for a mortgage.

4. Limited Inventory : In some areas, there may be a shortage of available homes for sale, driving up prices and making it difficult for buyers to find affordable options.

5. Tightened Lending Standards : Banks and mortgage lenders may have stricter lending requirements, making it harder for individuals with less-than-perfect credit to qualify for a mortgage.

6. Rising Interest Rates : Higher interest rates can increase the cost of borrowing, making it more expensive for individuals to finance a home purchase.

7. Income Inequality : The gap between high and low incomes has widened in many areas, making it increasingly difficult for lower-income individuals to afford housing in expensive markets.

8. Urbanization : As more people move to urban areas, demand for housing in these locations increases, driving up prices and making it harder for some individuals to afford homes.

9. Lack of Affordable Housing Options : There may be a shortage of affordable housing options, particularly for low- and middle-income individuals, exacerbating the affordability crisis.

10. Economic Instability : Economic uncertainty or downturns can make individuals hesitant to purchase a home, leading to decreased demand and potentially lower prices, but also reducing affordability due to job insecurity and financial concerns.